Playing a Dwarf

All dwarfs are members of extended family clans, and treat their relatives with warmth. Others, both dwarf and other races, are less trusted.

Many dwarfish clans carried on their role in duergar society for the Empire, and then into the Dawn Years. They serve as heralds, carrying messages and making cunningly wrought shields from metal and enamel to that the nobility of all races use as family symbols.

Others have become miners, especially in out-of-the-way places where less sturdy races might feel oppressively isolated. Others are workers of common metal, making weapons and tools, while some prefer to shape gold and silver. These latter often serve as the closest thing to bankers this world has, as they have ready amounts of precious metals to back profitable ventures. Solidly built houses that protect their own wealth can just as easily protect that of other people too.

Dwarfs have inherited a number of traditions from their duergar ancestors too, most notably vendetta law. In Imperial times this was kept in check, as human law could defuse many feuds. Since Ilmand’s fall, though, the clans have been free to pursue their grievances against one another. Dwarfish settlement is sufficiently thin that these can often die away for lack of action, but dwarfs are also long-lived and inclined to pass their grudges from father to son. It’s likely that any dwarf has one or more enemies he has never even met.

Playing a Dwarf

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