Old North Road

The Old North Road is a an Imperial-era road which still serves as one of the major routes of inland travel in eastern Usteidunn.

The road begins in Lautitha’s Duchy of Joris and runs roughly northeast, passing through Rokis as it crosses the Halz River. About ten miles beyond this point is turns more toward the north.

It eventually crosses the Saigus River, the spot were it does so being the traditinal easternmost limit of Gerobas, then passes into the Kingdom of Aivilund.

From there it continues north, where it intersects the westernmost end of the King’s Road, then carries on north. Though it once continued all the way on to the elven lands of Dervegil, it has become completely overgrown once it leaves the settled area along the western shore of Sharidis Bay.

Old North Road

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