Ilmand Empire

The Empire is a now-defunct state that developed out of the human resistance to Deurrack. When the human race came to Ammunar, they appeared along the banks of the Tais River. As well as being rich farmland, this was sufficiently distant from the halls of the duergar that the new arrivals had just enough time to develop some strength before the black dwarfs discovered them and moved to make them their slaves.

In time, through their own heroism and the little magic they had managed to bring with them to Ammunar, the humans successfully pushed the duergar back. Three generations on, and they had defeated the duergar permanently.

With that great threat settled the humans elected their first emperor, Ailfgris, and formally turned their settlements into the Ilmand Empire. Ilmand itself was a small town at a crossing point of the Tais, but it soon grew into something much greater, as did the new human country itself.

At its height in the period just before the Curse on the World, the Empire covered all of Usteidunn and the portions of Sarakri that were permanently settled. The off-shore islands of Rognisanjan, Armaudin, and Far Kolvir were also under its control. The nomads of Sarakri’s interior were also tributary to the Empire, not technically under its control but not independent either. There were approximately 20 million Imperials, and the humans, halflings, elves, and dragonborn are still referred to as the “Imperial races” even down to this day.

The Empire fell in the mid-fifth century, after two decades of fighting the Curse on the World, but it still affects the world down to this day. Many people use Imperial as their mother tongue, and everyone except a duergar or a child of the nomadic tieflings will speak some of it. All countries use roughly similar coins too, following the Imperial standards even three and a half centuries later. Coins actually minted in Imperial times are still welcome at any shop, being of better quality than many of those made today.

Ilmand Empire

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