The most numerous race on Ammunar (totaling about as many as all others combined), Humans dominate the eastern part of Usteidunn and the coastal regions of Sarakri. They once controlled the entirety of both subcontinents, but have lost much since the fall of Ilmand.

Physically, humans are all of the same type: naturally pale-skinned (though often darker in the south, they are not naturally so) and with dark hair and eyes more often than not. Some claim that there must have been two incursions of the race into Ammunar, for some humans have pale or reddish hair and eyes of grey or blue; others believe this to be simply inherent in humans, or perhaps the signs of a strain of elvish blood otherwise entirely subsumed.

Culturally, they can be divided roughly into two. Imperial humans are still by far the most common, and make up the population of all humans in south or eastern Usteidunn. While they have diversified into many nations, their core culture and language have not changed very much since the days of Ilmand. A man of the Empire somehow brought forward through time to the present day would recognize the food, the holy days, and the clothes of the people around him, though he would likely find the poverty disconcerting.

In Sarakri there is an offshoot of Imperial civilization. Always poorly connected to the Empire anyway, the southerners have drifted away from Imperial norms much more quickly, and have developed unusual ways of music, strange food redolent in spices, and a much greater emphasis on trade and money than in the north. Their language is still the same, though their grammar and word choices are often strange to the ears of northerners.

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