The first known people were the elves, who lived in Ammunar since time immemorial. Without records stretching back before the First Invasion it’s unlikely that any races prior to them will be known, though many ancient ruins and the like are of non-dwarfish origin and so hint that they were once here.

There are, in reality, two different kinds of elves. The elves proper are those who managed to escape the destruction engendered on them by the duergar, retreating to the cold northern forests where the black dwarfs’ armies were difficult to support. They have some continuity with the original elfish culture, but by and large have lost much of what they once had. What civilization they do possess is based on nature lore: they live in specially adapted groves, and know the ways of the forest and lakes around them. In the years since Deurrack has been contained they have expanded their range a little, particularly along the coasts of the two Noble Lakes of the north and as individuals meeting and trading with humans in their towns and cities.

The Eladrin, on the other hand, are the descendants of the slaves taken by the old dwarfs. Held for more than 1500 years, maintaining the fungal farms of their captors, and serving them in many other ways, the Eladrin lost all touch with their ancestral ways, and so many do not consider them “true” elves. They will not be discussed here.

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