Armaudin was the last land settled by the Empire; its relative isolation and northern position kept it from being settled until all other known lands—even Far Kolvir—were claimed. As such, its society was more carefully organized than most, and the Emperor specifically made it a redoubt for Amaunator, Pelor, and Erathis: a knight of each and a cleric of each were appointed to the new fief’s ruling council, and a warden appointed to be the seventh vote and the representative of the emperor.

For 350 years, Armaudin was a cold but livable land, home to a small but pious population given to producing more knights and holy men than it reasonably should. All this ended with the Curse on the World. The island had once been home to mysterious, primitive human culture that came to Ammunar and died out before the men who founded Ilmand. Now their grave mounds vomited undead warriors by the thousands, and the new killing cold that hung in the air made harvests paltry. Within five years, the Armaudins were forced back into a few fortresses on the coast that were supplied from the sea; when the Empire fell, the supply ships ceased. The last few Armaudins left the island for the mainland to the west, and their martial prowess helped to form the Kingdom of Lautitha.

There were a few visitors in the centuries since then—stranded fishermen and the like—but Armaudin remained a frozen wasteland until just a few years ago. Now the crusading instincts of their forefathers have been rekindled in the breasts of the Lautithan descendants of the last Armaudins. A few of the coastal settlements have been reclaimed, with the help of the Church of Erathis in particular. The process slowed a bit during the recent Lautithan civil war, but has picked up again since it ended.

There are ominous hints that evil forces are gathering here to oppose the invaders, which is peculiar given the relative unimportance of the crusade in the grand scheme of things. There are now rumors circulating that suggest reclaiming the island for civilization might be the key to breaking the Curse on the World.


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