Tag: Town


  • Argulin

    The capital of [[Aivilund]], on the island of [[Bretar]]. It is relatively unimportant, overshadowed by the town of [[Eilendalm]] on the mainland.

  • Balinton

    Balinton is a medium-sized [[halfling]] town on the [[Saigus River]] between [[Lautitha]] and [[Aivilund]]. It owes its prominence to that location, as the river is not bridged anywhere along its length and Balinton is at a spot where one natural trail …

  • Eilendalm

    While Eilendalm is the largest city in [[Aivilund]], this is not saying very much: there are roughly 2000 souls living here. It was once three times its current size, and was an important naval harbour on the east coast of the [[Ilmand Empire|Empire]]. …

  • Rokis

    Rokis is a town in central [[Lautitha]] that is the seat of the current king. Traditionally, the capital of the kingdom has been [[Havelen]] on the coast, but Rokis had strategic advantages during the years of the country's civil war. Located in the …

  • Havelen

    By far the largest city on [[Usteidunn]], Havelen is a port city in [[Lautitha]] at the mouth of the [[Halz River]]. Over 11,000 people call the city home, and its docks are the busiest on the [[Upper Sea]].

  • Varosin

    [[King Ilmanitas of Aivilund]] built several keeps on the mainland of his kingdom to protect colonists from the [[Tomb Horde]]. Most of these developed towns around them, and Varosin is the largest of these. The town is located on the [[Kings Road|King …

  • Lorynth

    The [[Saigus River]] ends in a vast bog that is the home to many [[halfling]]s. Lorynth is the great citadel which dominates the mouth of the river and protects the insular people living further inland.